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Welcome to Palm Beach!

Palm Beach is the perfect combination of a relaxed beach bar and a great international kitchen. In summer you can rent a sunbed, enjoy the sun, swim, and sip on one of their excellent cocktails. Palm Beach offers an outstanding value for money menu which makes it extremely popular with both locals and tourists all year round. The menu includes a superb selection of freshly prepared salads, burgers and wraps as well as steaks, chicken and arange of Asian dishes, pasta, fish and seafood, and a few Dutch specialities.

A great spot for a sundowner, Palm Beach has a wide range of premium spirits, as well as smoothies, fresh juices and cocktails. Located at one end of Estepona’s main beach, Playa de la Rada, the recently renovated Palm Beach is ideally situated on golden sands with an abundance of easy parking across the road. It also offers amazing views over the Mediterranean, Gibraltar and Africa in the distance.

Palm Beach stays open in winter and keeps patrons warm with patio heaters. For those of us living on the coast, we know that there are many sunny days in winter and it’s wonderful to be able to have a place directly on the beach, where you can enjoy a spectacular view, good food, a drink and feel that summer is just around the corner!!

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